Because we appreciate things of substance is that we choose to make all of our jewelry out of Gold Vermeil. This means that the base material for our pieces is 925 Sterling Silver and coated with a thick layer of 18kt Gold. We're a small company and from the very beginning we want to show how much we care for the world we live in. We're making an effort to partner with vendors that supply materials that have the lowest possible impact on the planet, starting by using a certified recycled sterling silver as a base for all of our pieces. It is our mission to continue looking for other ways of improving our production chain. 


We are super intentional on how we create our pieces and are proud to say that 100% of our production is done locally in New York City, supporting local artisans and small jewelry studios. This is done with the objective of achieving the best quality product, producing the smallest carbon footprint possible and guaranteeing equitable and considerate treatment of all individuals involved throughout the process.